Al onze producten zijn handwerk en worden op bestelling met veel liefde in Nederland gemaakt!

International Shipping

Due to Covid-19, all deliveries have been delayed, workloads have increased, workplace rules have changed, and flights around the world have decreased by 95%. This has a lot of influence on the delivery times, keep this in mind when you order. Once shipped, the order cannot be canceled, of course you can return the order when you have received it according to the applicable return rules.

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Thank you for your interest in our products. Unfortenately our website has not been fully translated yet. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries. You may contact us in English and German for futhermore assistance.

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Euro Zone 1

Belgium, Germany & Luxembourg

€ 9,95 0-2 kg 

Approximately 2 – 7 working days



€ 9,95 2-5 kg 

Covid-19 now 3 - 10 working days



€ 19,50 5-10 kg 






Euro Zone 2

€ 17,00 2-5 kg 

Approximately 2 – 8 working days

Covid-19 now 6 to 12 working days





US - Canada - Australia

US - Canada - Australia

€ 47,50 0-5 kg

Approximately 6 – 15 working days

Covid-19 now 2 to 10 weeks

All other countries

All other countries over the world

Please contact us

Approximately 6 – 21 working days

Covid-19 now 2 to 10 weeks









- Signed for delivery

- EU Taxes included

- Three delivery attempts

- Taxes outside of the EU and import duties/rates could apply please contact (local) government

- We do not deliver to Post Office (P.O.) boxes

Approximately 2 – 8 working days